In the Moment of Now

My hearts cry –

I want to pay whatever the cost is to never leave your presence. Show me the things that hinder your love from making sense.

I want to remove the things that come between my arms and yours. Take my eyes off the filth of this world and let them see through heavens doors.

His reply-

It costs the abandonment of your past, so that you can be in this special moment of my presence. It costs releasing the control of today over to me without hesitance.

Walking in the present of every moment and not searching ahead for answers. I will show you what your heart really wants and remove all fleshly cancers

My presence will cost you your complete view of self. It means throwing off all the idols you have placed on your shelf

You can only find me in the very moment of right now. When you coming crashing into my grace and your pride begins to bow

A movement that isn’t thought about or planned but the surrender melts you down from where you stand

The price to pay is your life so that I can keep forgiving. After you taste my presence, you will realise you were never really living

Now my love all you gain is eternal years. To stand in my presence means abandoning all your fears

So press into “now” and know it’s the only time that matters. All your insecurities, broken dreams and worries shatter

Until all that can be left is you, purely standing in my presence forever. Made with my love and clothed in royalty, you are my treasure

My presence will cost you the pressure of this world in exchange for play. In the form of a child your Father says “Enjoy today”

So today come, be with me and experience new depths of my love. You can never feel alone with my presence sent from above

In the present is where my presence is found. It’s where the whisper of my voice becomes the sweetest of sounds

 And your tears become offerings poured out on my heart. They allow me to wipe away the things that pull us apart

The cost of my presence is the exchange of morning for dancing. So be prepared to be moved by my songs created for romancing

The more you allow yourself to embrace my lovesick heart for you, the more the old falls off to reveal the new

The more you taste of my love the more the anticipation grows, for one of heavens greatest shows

The wedding day of complete restoration, where your whole body will once again be my divine new creation

And you will be mine and I will be unhinderingly yours forever…


via Going Homeward © Jenny Chen