Consecration in the Wilderness

The past two weeks have been the hardest and most difficult time of my life.  I have been right in the middle of the wilderness with The Lord.  After accepting His calling on my life to serve Him in Nepal, I am learning to lean on Him alone.  The past 7 years of my life I have been surrounded by amazing community that have pushed me towards The Lord.  It has been amazing to see how each person has played a role in getting me to where I am today.  But, I have learned to depend too much on those people around me instead of The Lord.

Life in Nepal involves an incredible family and community who surround me daily.  They push me towards The Lord and call me out when it is needed.  I am currently serving under leadership who is pushing me into a place where I am finding complete dependence on The Lord and not by those who surround me.  This is the greatest challenge I have faced in my life but seeing so much fruit.  My leader has made it very clear he is here to lean on and call out to him when I need to be pushed forward into battle.  But he is not here to carry me or make me do anything.  I have been challenged by him to find my weapon that I need daily to go into battle and fight the enemy.

My weapon is God’s Word and what The Lord has given me to strengthen me to go into the battle field daily.  When I am saturated in His word and speak it out throughout the day.  I am empowered “to do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.  In this I am finding great depths of strength I didn’t know I had to become more in the image of Jesus.  Each day I pray to be more in His image and less of myself.  I was spending time reflecting over the last few days when The Lord led me this scripture:

“The pillar of cloud by night and the pillar of fire by night did not depart from before the people.”
Exodus 13:22

I find much comfort and peace in these words, knowing that God is leading me.  The Lord went before His people with these pillars to lead them through the wilderness.  As He led them they were able to travel by night and day without stopping.  So during my time in the wilderness The Lord is leading me with His Word to bring me through.

“Consecrate yourselves, therefore, and be holy, for I am The Lord your God.  Keep my statues and do them; I am The Lord who sanctifies you.”
Leviticus 20:7-8

I was also challenged by my leadership to consecrate myself before The Lord.  Consecrate means to make or declare sacred; set apart or dedicate to the service of deity.  So I am learning to make myself holy before The Lord in my wilderness.  In this beautiful, but difficult season, I am allowing The Lord to mold me and make me more in His image.  I am doing this by keeping His statues, which I am finding in His Word.  These statues are a new standard for my life and how I plan to live the rest of my days.   I am asking The Lord daily to reveal to me daily how I can be more consecrated.

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