Longing For Love

I’m standing on ground that appears to be solid, yet I know there’s so much more. Looking past the surface into the depths of what I truly have been created for

The strength that stirs up within me doesn’t align with the weak state of my flesh and uneasy breath. My hindered sight begins to see a will to move on and press into a hope that is only found beyond death

There’s more to see beyond that which my eyes currently behold. There’s more to feel beyond that which my senses perceive to unfold

The aching goes past the physical elements and works its way into the deepest parts of my soul. It begins to cry out in want and release complete control

And set out on a journey past the surface further than my fragile flesh could ever wander. To decrease the lengths of distance and become ever fonder.

My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, while my lips are lined with cracks. Drinking the water of this world, my thirst cannot be quenched and my whole being still lacks.

There’s a yearning that’s singing out and a want that’s burning from the depths of my soul. To find satisfaction that goes beyond anything my hands can carry or hold.

The hunger grows and increases as I search for freedoms taste. If I never consumed another thing but the one I long for, this life will not be put to waste

I’m overcome with the constant flickering wick that continuously burns up passion and desire. Feelings that only burn greater as I allow every inch of my being to be consumed in the fire.

I’m searching for closeness that flows deeper than my mind can conceive and penetrates further than my heart has ever felt worthy to believe

While I wait the taste gets sweeter, my soul gets closer and the fire is as hot as the core beneath the crust.  Desire turns to satisfaction and the thirst is quenched as I bathe in the river of trust.

Anticipation becomes the reason for every breath, movement and the beating of my heart.  As I continue to be consumed with the longing for love

” Although the love is perfect, something is still lacking. When He comes, faith will be turned into facts, and praise will replace prayer. Love will consummate in a shadowless perfection, and we will serve Him in the sinless domain. What a day that will be! Lord Jesus, come quickly! ” – Watchman Nee, Song of Songs


via Going Homeward © Jenny Chen