The Playground

Becoming a child can be hard for those who see the world through eyes of selfish ambition Instead of going back to the hidden playground of no competition Where laughter shakes the ground and the imagination has no bounds Where pure love swings you up high and the faith to jump allows you to fly

Becoming a child can be hard when you’re shooting to be the next star Rather than helping other friends reach the next monkey bar Because the community of the playground isn’t fun when it only consists of youEven the teeter totter takes two

Becoming a child can be hard for those who think the tough times won’t stop The slide down can’t be enjoying without the hard climb to the top Without letting go of everything to cling to the faith that you will safely land You will never find the courage to repeat the climb and let your feet leave the sand

There’s a hidden playground that’s waiting to be found Where you will never hear anything less than a joyful sound A complicated mind will get in the way of finding what’s always been there Simplicity will open the doors to the greatest adventure that must be shared


At the playground .

– Jenny Chen

via Going Homeward © Jenny Chen