She Peed In The Toilet!

Today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice it, no matter no defeated the enemy makes me feel! I have been back in Nepal for 2 days and there have been quite a few obstacles. These obstacles have only been due to the fact that my flesh has expectations of how life should be and things that I should be entitled to. Upon returning my phone hasn’t been working and my money was tied up at my bank. So immediately I go into crazy mode of I need both of these things to survive. The key here is that I need nothing of this world and only Jesus! God has surrounded me with an incredible family who offer Nepali rupees when I need money and cell phones to make calls. At no point during these 2 days did my whole world come crashing in but continuing to see God’s faithfulness to me His daughter.

This particular day began with some very sweet time with Jesus during the entire morning, which is the most perfect way to start a day. I had lunch with Anne a fellow staff member of the prayer house then it was off to the cellular provider to see about my phone not working.   Left there with absolutely nothing done but time wasted and a good walk. Really just feeling defeated to not be able to get this phone working, I returned home. Jesus allowed me a 30-minute nap to rest a bit and to de-jetlag a bit. Got up from the nap, went grocery shopping with Anne, returned home from this shopping to discover what would make my entire day.

Nisha is this 3-year-old girl who lives on our property with her mom and we are trying to get her potty trained. In this process we are only letting Nisha be in diapers at nighttime and upon retuning home she was in a diaper. Immediately Anne took actions into her own hands putting her on the toilet. The only way this girl is going to learn is by doing it. After lots of coaching, physical demonstrations, the help of her little brother she finally peed in the toilet. It was a fantastic celebration today as God gave this huge milestone in this little girl’s life. After the crappy day I thought I had, this little girl’s accomplishments turned my entire day around.


Photo credit: Sarah Kathleen


Nisha with my sister Jenny, the morning they walked into our life’s to rescue them off the streets.
Photo credit: Mun Shing

I began to feel undefeatable in that moment knowing the enemy has nothing on me. How such a small act could turn my entire day around but also see growth in her life. As we celebrated I clapped for her, shouting her name, just like my mom would do when I was a little girl and pee peed in the potty, as she would say. It was such a wonderful moment and just another day in the life at the Gethsemane House of Prayer. Even among all the craziness and challenging days, God remains so faithful and shows up to bless my day in His wonderful name.   I am so grateful for each day I get to serve in Nepal and finding true joy only in the name of Jesus.


via Yes To The Calling © Michelle McPherson