Only Entitled to His love

In this season of revelation I stop at the title and find no more words to write
I become frozen with emotion and afraid that if I leave this dwelling thought, then He might leave my sight

Writing beyond this title even removes the eye from the one thing that makes the story complete
Thinking beyond it could cause yourself to grow flowers, from seeds of deceit.

Everyday I find my mind dwelling upon entitlements marked with my time and money
Some things you would say are necessary, others just funny

Like a nutritious meal that’s full of the beautiful colour green
Or a piece of meat that’s been refrigerated and kept lean

Running water that is there for every flush and removal of stains
Electricity that flows constantly so that the light will always remain

Lying sick in a hospital bed, helpless, motionless yet reaching out inside
I struggled to comprehend my situation and not ask God why my healing hides

And when I needed His love the most I realized I had been pushing it aside
Focused on my growing entitlement to healing, was when I was stopped by my pride

Deserving nothing, living with everything and searching for one thing
That’s where I was when His love opened me up and removed death’s sting

So forget what was just read and realize what is written at the head
Of this brief glimpse into a revelation that can be dwelt upon forever

I am only entitled to one thing and that one thing brings me into a secret place
Where disappointment and expectation dissolve because sufficient is His Grace

Everything else becomes a gift that’s given from above
Because all I’m entitled to is His love.


via Going Homeward © Jenny Chen