Valentine’s Day

This is a day to celebrate the one in our life’s whom we love and take time to show them just how much we love them.   In my life, Jesus continues to be my one and only valentine. He has guarded my heart and He continues to woo my heart to fall more in love with Him each year of my life.   I am so grateful for how He has protected me from anything that is not from Him to be saving me for my future husband.   As I fall more in love with Jesus I find He is my bridegroom and is the best valentine.

Last year in 2014 on Valentine’s Day my life was forever changed for the betterment of the kingdom of God. I spent the month of February in Nepal on the World Race serving this beautiful nation and fell in love with God’s children here. On this night on the Race, I was out doing street ministry when God so clearly called me back to serve in this nation. After returning home from ministry, I had no idea what this would look like or how God would work out His wonderful plan for my life. Within a few days Papa revealed to me that I would be returning to serve at the Gethsemane House of Prayer for a 10-month internship. So I began making preparations to return to Nepal, I finished my Race in May, and in July moved back to Nepal. I came out on a 10-month commitment but within just a couple of weeks knew this was my nation to serve in full-time. Not only was this a nation to serve in but also a wonderful family to serve alongside daily as we share the love of Jesus with the Nepali people.

My Valentine’s Day this year was very different than last year, which turned out to be a day full of love in the name of Jesus. I had no major plans for the day but to attend church in the morning, rest in the afternoon, and spend the evening soaking in the presence of the Lord at a corporate worship event that is held every Saturday night. From the very beginning of my day God turned it upside down but for the glory of His name. I caught a bus to church and was ready to worship the Lord. As soon as I walked into church, I saw that Arun (a boy that lives on our property with his mother Durga) was sick with a very high fever. So immediately Jenny (my housemate at the prayer house) and myself made the decision to jump in a taxi to take him to the hospital. As quick as I got to church I was on my way out to take this boy to the hospital. We took him into the ER and the doctors were able to give him antibiotic’s to get his fever down. It ended up that he just had a virus and he just needed rest to get better.

During my time in the ER, there was an older gentleman in the bed beside him who has liver disease. This mans son was with him and I made conversation with him to find out a bit about his father. To hear how his father had been sick for 3 or 4 years and had the opportunity to share with him about my life in Nepal. I got my bible out to read scriptures over Arun and this young man asked me what I was reading. So I shared with him it is a bible and about the love of Jesus. I asked if he had one and he said no that he was Hindu but not really practicing this religion. As we chatted I shared that I don’t have a religion but a love for Jesus. He is 20 years old, studying for his bachelor’s degree, and open to hear about the love of Jesus. Upon permission, I prayed healing over his father and asking God to give him a new liver. The conversation was short and before I knew it we were discharged from the hospital. After we left I felt the Holy Spirit promoting me to return home to get a bible and take it back to this young man.

We got Arun home and settled him in so he could rest. Headed in the house to find a Nepali bible and I was off to give God’s Word to His son. Returning back to the hospital I motioned him out of the ER, where I gave him the bible. By God’s perfect grace this young man spoke very good English and I was able to communicate with him very easily. I asked to pray for him and his family after I gave him the bible. As soon as I asked to pray for him, his mother walked up and I was able to pray for God’s love to enter into their hearts. It was such an honor to share God’s Word with his children and I trust God will use His Word to transform this family’s life. For Papa to call them into relationship with Jesus Christ and they become lovers of Jesus. I left the hospital feeling so content knowing that my day was turned upside down but worth it for even just one soul for Jesus.

I am so honored to be living the life serving Jesus in Nepal and falling more in love with Him each day. My life is full of the love of Jesus and this love makes each day worth living in this nation. Days are up and down but all I know is that morning and evening I’m in His love. I pray that everyday be turned upside down if it means sharing the love of Jesus with His children. Thank you for joining my journey in Nepal as you support and follow this amazing life of bettering the kingdom. Please be praying for the nation of Nepal to be flooded with the love of Jesus and revival to break out. God is so good and faithful in my life, the more I depend on Him for my daily bread He reveals more of His heart for me.


via Yes To The Calling © Michelle McPherson