A day at the Stupa

The stupa is a Buddhist temple located in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal: a place where people go to offer up prayers to Buddha. It is a temple where a false god is worshipped and prayers are offered up with belief their god is hearing them.   I know that the only one true God is the only one who hears our prayers and offers up His help. Many Tibetan refugees live in this area and daily worship at this temple. Surrounding the stupa there are 50 Tibetan monasteries, attracting the refugees to this area. And for some unknown reason this is one of the largest tourist sites in the Kathmandu valley.


Pic of the stupa via Google

 Today I had the opportunity to go worship and pray over this area in the city. There is a team who run a coffee shop in this area of town and we occasionally go over to worship with this team. We met up at the coffee shop to first order some of the most delicious coffee that can be had in the city! It was then time to head to the rooftop to spend the morning worshipping and praying over this area. The Lord blessed us with absolutely beautiful weather for the day.

While we were worshipped we were high above the stupa , when I noticed they were doing some cleaning on the temple. All around the outskirts of the temple were small cups of water, and so many flowers. Both of these were offerings that were made by people to Buddha and now they were being thrown away. My mind couldn’t quite wrap itself around this idea of offerings being thrown away. As I continued to watch what was happening, God spoke to me very clearly about His perfect offering for me. How He sent His one and only son to earth to live and die for my sins. Jesus’ death on the cross has wiped away all my sins, transgressions for today, tomorrow, and yesterday. In this I find new life, freedom, and power to overcome anything of this world in the name of Jesus.

I thank God for His son Jesus and the freedom that I find in Him alone, no other god offers this. Please join me in praying for the nation of Nepal and for all the strongholds to be broken off of this nation. God is so very good and moving in mighty ways in this nation. I am honored to get the privilege to live in this wonderful nation serving God’s children with the love of Jesus. The longer I do life here and get more involved in ministry; I am finding there are no words to describe my life here. All I know is that my mind cannot make logical sense of the life I am living. My heart does it in the name of Jesus and this love is the reason I have the passion to continue serving in this nation. I am super grateful that I don’t have to make offerings to God and that I am covered in the blood of Jesus.


via Yes To The Calling © Michelle McPherson