11 Prophetic Declarations & Prayer Requests for Post-Earthquakes Nepal

1. That the atmosphere of fear over the nation of Nepal would be cast out by His perfect love.

Perfect love casts out all fear!  Nepal, fear not!  Don’t be afraid!

2. That the believers of Nepal would rise up and be His hands and feet and that Jesus’s love would shine and restore this nation.

Rise up church, we are and will be His hands and feet!

3. We have heard rumours of people fighting, arguing, and rioting during relief distribution efforts.  Pray that God pours out His spirit, His peace, and that Nepal becomes the most generous selfless nation in the world.

The peace of the Holy Spirit will fill Nepal and Nepal will be the most generous selfless nation in the world!

4. Pray against corruption.  We’ve already encountered some corruption.  People have been buying up relief supplies or bribing guards and soldiers to get free relief supplies to resell at higher prices.  Government officials have been doing some shady legal things and hindering finances and relief supplies from getting to the people who need them.  Pray that relief supplies get to the people who need them and that corruption stops.

A honest selfless government founded on Christ’s love will arise and His kingdom will reign!

5. Many of the street kids have shared horror stories of what they’ve seen. Please pray for inner healing in the people of the nation of Nepal. That God brings peace into their hearts.

The Nepali people will be healed and whole from the inside out.  No trauma!

6. Pray that relief is able to reach every village that needs it.  Roads going out of the city have been mostly cleared up; however, landslides caused by the earthquake have made reaching some villages difficult.  Pray that every person who needs relief in the villages is able to get it.

There is always enough!  Relief will make it to every person who needs it.

7. Supernatural miracles and the encounters. Pray for physical healings, that houses would be supernaturally built, that the dead would be raised, and etc… Pray that in the villages where there isn’t even one Christian, that the Holy Spirit would bring dreams and visions of Jesus and that people would discover the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Miracles will abound.  Physical healings, the dead raised, supernatural house building, dreams and visions, and etc…

8. Truth. A couple of reporters have already been arrested for printing lies that are causing fear and panic. Please pray that the right information gets out and the right people who need help get help.

Truth will reign!

9. Anti-human trafficking. We were told that statistically, trafficking goes up after a natural disaster. Pray that this is not the case in Nepal and that not one person is trafficked.

Not one person will be trafficked.  The end, the destruction, the death of human trafficking in Nepal.

10. Pray for the children of Nepal, some have lost one or both parents.  Pray that anyone who has been orphaned by the earthquake finds a home and that Father God himself would guide them to families that live and love with His Father’s heart.

No orphans and no widows in the Kingdom of God.  Everyone has a family, everyone has a Father, and everyone finds a home!  May that truth shine bright in Nepal.

11. That God would come and rebuild this nation both physically and spiritually. That as the physical rebuilding process begins, God would draw this nation to himself and rebuild it as His Bride.

God will come and rebuild Nepal.  He will restore and draw this nation and it will be a beautiful spotless Bride, righteous and holy.