My Deliverer, My God

We have been regularly visiting a large group of families affected by the 2015 Earthquake that have created a ‘tent village’ of bamboo and tarps in the city of Kathmandu and we’ve built many friendships and relationships with the people there.  We’ve had the opportunity to see God move in powerful miraculous ways in the ‘tent village.’  Whenever we go, many of the village know now to bring us their sick because Jesus can heal them.  The first time we went we saw a man suffering from paralysis get up and dance!  Every single time we visit, Father God reveals His love for the Nepali people with signs and wonders and healing.  Recently, we had the opportunity to witness the Lord powerfully minister deliverance and deep inner healing.

We were asked to pray for a woman with a rather strange condition.  Every evening, this lady would have nightmares of giant rats and dogs coming into her tent and biting her.  In the morning, when she would wake up, she would feel pain all over her body and, in the places where the giant rats and dogs bit her in the dreams, she would have blue bite marks and spots.  As we laid hands on her and prayed that she would be free from what we recognised to be a demonic spirit of affliction, she felt what she described to be an electrical current rush through her body that caused her to shake and jolt.  Afterwards, she said that she felt peace.  Since we have prayed, she has not had any nightmares or any of the strange blue bite marks and spots occur again!  Unfortunately, when we shared with her about the love of Jesus and that Jesus was the one who set her free, she shared with us that she would love to follow Jesus but, she is scared of what her husband and the community would think if she decided to no longer be Hindu and become a Christian.  We are praying that she changes her mind and that the testimony of her healing will bring her husband and the rest of the community to see the immense love and power of Jesus.

On another day, we had an opportunity to pray for one of the believers in the ‘tent village.’  As we were praying for her to receive physical healing in her body, Holy Spirit spoke to Clem and told him that her husband was not a believer and that her and her children were being regularly physically abused by him.  When we asked the lady if this was true, she began weeping and shared with us that her husband is indeed an abusive alcoholic.  We shared with her that Jesus could bring freedom to her husband and to her and that Jesus sees her pain and wants to bring justice to the situation by bringing transformation to her husband.  Together, with the lady, we prayed for her husband.  As we were praying with her for her husband, her eldest son walked up to us.  He was cutting school!  His mother, with a defeated look on her face, asked us what to do.  She said her son is rebellious and doesn’t listen to anyone.  We prayed for her some more as her son stood by and watched.  As we were praying for her, Holy Spirit revealed to Clem that her son was afraid to go to school because he was being bullied and so he regularly cut school.  We turned to the boy and asked him why he wasn’t in school, he shrugged it off.  When we shared what Holy Spirit revealed to us with him, he looked shocked.  Clem began to share his testimony of how he was bullied in school for many many years.  We got his attention.  We prayed and prophesied over him that he was going to be a protector and that the Lord would end the bullying that was happening at school.  We are believing that this beautiful faithful women and her family will all come to know Jesus and will be restored as a family and live together in the way that the Lord desires them to live.