We regularly go into the city of Kathmandu to share the love and Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Typically, this simply looks like living out the story of the Good Samaritan and taking the time to stop for the least of these on the streets of Kathmandu and meet whatever need they need with the love of Jesus.  Testimonies of many of our outreaches are available to read on our blog.


We also regularly visit a large group of families affected by the 2015 Earthquake that have created a ‘tent village’ of bamboo and tarps in the city of Kathmandu and have been invited to build a church for them.  Also, we are committed to helping a village in Sindhupalchok, a district of Nepal that was devastated by the 2015 Earthquake.


We have developed a beautiful relationship with an amazing body of believers in the village and are invested in various ventures, including starting a coffee plantation, that, we pray, will help provide sustainable long-term solutions for the village.