There are two methods in which you can support our vision.

1. Prayer

The first is to partner with us in regular prayer for the nation of Nepal and for the Gethsemane House of Prayer specifically.  Like our Facebook Page and subscribe to our mailing list to receive semi-regular updates on the work that we are doing in Nepal.

2. Finances

The second way is to financially sow into our vision.  There are a couple of ways which you can help financially sow into the Gethsemane House of Prayer.

One way of financially sowing into the Gethsemane House of Prayer is through financially supporting one of the sons and daughters who have chosen to serve in the Gethsemane House of Prayer.  Details on how to financially support a family member in the house are available for each member on our “Meet the Family” page.

The easiest way to financially support the Gethsemane House of Prayer itself is through Clement, Jenny, & River via their Acacia Ministries International account:

For Canadian and non-American donors, the Acacia Ministries International website will unfortunately be unable to provide a tax-deductible donation option, we are working on a better way of receiving donations that will make them tax-deductible and will hopefully have it up and running soon.

Another method is to write a cheque to Mr. Clement Chen and mail that cheque to the address below with an attached note stating, “for the Gethsemane House of Prayer”:

85 Circle Drive
Paramus, NJ

For questions, direct wire transfers, and other methods; please email directly.